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Key Modifications


Warfield's Fine Flutes offers key modifications for those players who have difficulty reaching certain keys. This includes rearranging spatulas (touch pieces), or the addition of extensions.

Laura Kaufman recently had me overhaul her 60's era Haynes piccolo. Due to the piccolo's age, the toneholes had to be leveled and sealed to accept the Straubinger pads she wanted installed.

Laura has shorter fingers than most people and she wanted the G# lever extended. I also moved the spatulas for the G and A keys.


Photo of original keywork


One happy customer!

You can visit Laura Kaufman at www.laurakaufmanmusic.com

Photo of modified keys - G# extended, G and A spatulas moved up and out.

Material for the G# key extension was supplied by Chris Abell of Abell Flutes in Asheville, NC. Chris makes very fine handmade wood flutes. You can visit him at www.abellflute.com

Thanks so much, Chris!

Robert Warfield
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