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GemeinhardtFlute Gemeinhardtheadjoint





Roy Seaman piccolo, synthetic body, silverplated nickel keys, wave headjoint



Roy Seaman piccolo, grenadilla wood, silverplated nickel keys, split E, wave headjoint



Flute, solid silver body and keys, offset G, split E, C# trill key, Crusader headjoint


Gemeinhardt Flutes

Warfield's Fine Flutes is a distributor of fine Gemeinhardt flutes. Since about 1948, Gemeinhardt has been producing flutes for all levels of musicians, ranging from student to professional. Gemeinhardt globally manufactures their instrumetns - utilizing the United States, Taiwan, and China. Key components are produced in all three countries. The C flute headjoint, and all piccolos are produced in the United States. All instruments go through a final inspection at the Gemeinhartdt plant here in the United States.

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Robert Warfield
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