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About Me

Bob has over 44 years experience repairing musical instruments. Trained at the Eastern School of Musical Instrument Repair in New Jersey, the 2 year school offered all aspects of woodwind and brass repair. In 1987, Bob decided to further his education and attended Millersville University where he obtained a bachelors degree in Industrial Technology/Arts education. Teaching proved to be an excellent choice, but his true love remained repair of instruments.


Bob is now Muramatsu certified. Muramatsu utilizes a special pad that requires training by Muramatsu. Bob spent an intensive week studying under Paul Rabinov in Los Angeles, CA. Special tools and supplies are used in the repair of these flutes, and only certified technicians receive them.

Bob has worked for several music stores and started his business in 1999. Presently, he works for Music & Arts in Frederick, MD, and continues to repair at his home. As a member of NAPBIRT he continues to further his learning through conferences. Bob is a certified Muramatsu flute technician and is also Straubinger Pad certified. Straubinger pads are installed on professional handmade flutes and are very precise for sealing the toneholes.

Bob enjoys playing professionally in the area. He has been a member of the Lyric Band of Hanover, the Hanover Symphony, and the Spring Garden Band of York. Currently he is a member of the Hershey Symphony.

Robert Warfield
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